What we learned?

Your smile is your lasting legacy

It is something we learned in our service in the past 40 years. Each person’s smile is unique, and it is your smile that defines you. Densco’s objective is to help you build an environment where both you and your patients can have more reason to smile.

As a company, we decided to restrict ourselves to a very few useful and quality products which you as dentists and specialists will find them absolutely useful.

For instance, the HurriCaine brand of topical anesthetic allows you to anesthetize easily, especially for your nervous patients and children.

Ribbond is a unique product that assists you in finding a solution, which are surprisingly easy and long-lasting. It gets you out of a difficult situation. A product you will find a variety of uses that only think about you, and today it will be useful to you.

Our role is to assist you in your service to your clients and patients. In the time of health crisis and pandemic, we offer you products which will make your choice of treatment the best suited for whatever mode of dental treatment your decide to offer your patients.

Serving your patients is our top priority!

Densco Dental and Medical Suppliers P/L offers equipment, materials, and education for better dental care.

Our Products

Quality for every use!
The topical anesthetic of choice for safety, effectiveness, and good taste
Strong and durable reinforcement that was also bondable, easy to adapt, and provided predictable long-term clinical results
Enhanced by Drive-Lock technology that enables the implant to be removed from its sterile package, carried to the implant site and threaded into place in one fluid motion.

Trust our brand!

We cater to your interest and excellent service to your patients and clients.


Assisting dentists with quality dental care at affordable prices especially in post-Covid era.


We want to be there, when you need us, gain access to the product as needed and maintain the quality of service that you provide for your patients.


We are the sole distributor of leading dental and medical equipment and materials.

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