Ribbond Bondable Reinforcement Ribbon

Strong and durable reinforcement that was also bondable, easy to adapt, and provided predictable long-term clinical results.

Product: Ribbond

Category: Reinforcement Ribbon

Variant: Original

Introduced in 1991, Original Ribbond is the first version of Ribbond fiber reinforcement ribbons. It is 0.35 mm thick and is available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 9mm widths.

Ultra-high strength fibers
Ribbond is made from the same ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers used to make bulletproof vests.
Patented Leno Weave = Superior Manageablilty
The key to Ribbond's success (and what distinguishes Ribbond from the other fiber reinforcements) is its patented leno weave.
Highly Bondable
Ribbond bonds to any composite system. Forces within the resin are easily transferred to the fibers insuring that the Ribbond is an integral strength member of the prostheses.
Unlike fiberglass, if at anytime the Ribbond is cut into with a rotary instrument, the resultant particles and exposed fibers will not be a biocompatibility risk to the patient.
Ribbond is translucent, practically colorless and disappears within the composite or acrylic without show-through.
The unique combination of strength, esthetics and bondability allows Ribbond to be used for many different applications.
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