“Solutions are effective when anesthesia is needed to cover a wide surface area without the risk of aspiration. Gels or ointments are effective for pain relief caused by a laceration or abrasion and can alleviate pain at the point of injection of local anesthetics”

Neal D. Kravitz
Neal D. KravitzSouth Riding VA Orthodontist

“The greatest difference between mini and full-sized dental implants is largely the way in which one implant is utilized over the other. Mini implants tend to be used in rather special scenarios in which the patient doesn’t have enough room for a full-sized implant or if there are special oral health conditions to consider.”

Dr. Igal ElyassiWilshire Smile Studio

“I invented Ribbond bondable reinforcement to prevent costly fracture failures in resins. I wanted a strong and durable reinforcement that was also bondable, easy to adapt, and provided predictable long-term clinical results.”

David N. RudoDeveloper and President, Ribbond