Ribbond Bondable Reinforcement Ribbon [Strip]


[Singapore Exclusive] Strong and durable reinforcement that was also bondable, easy to adapt, and provided predictable long-term clinical results


*Densco is the exclusive distributor of this product in Singapore

Ribbond is made from the same ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers used to make bulletproof vests. These fibers far exceed the breaking point of fiberglass and are so tough that specially made scissors are required to cut them.

The key to Ribbond’s success (and what distinguishes Ribbond from the other fiber reinforcements) is its patented leno weave.

Ribbond bonds to any composite system. You choose the composite Magnified 110,000 times, SEM’s demonstrate complete incorporation of the resin to Ribbond’s fibers (note lack of voids). Forces within the resin are easily transferred to the fibers ensuring that the Ribbond is an integral strength member of the prostheses.

  • One pair of shears – S$195.00
  • 2mm x 1pc – S$85.00
  • 3mm x 1 pc – S$85.00
  • 4mm x 1 pc – S$85.00





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